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Clavos (also known as rustic nails, decorative nails, or Mexican nails) are a type of nails used to decorate wooden items in the same way as an old hacienda or mission would have been built in the southwest. Our clavos will give you the authentic, historical look you want for your project so you can pass along the perfect rustic style to your customers.

Using Clavos

You can use clavos nails to decorate and add an antique, southwest, or rustic feeling to almost any project you can think of. Use them on garage or entry doors, gates, bookshelves, wooden chests, tables, chairs, chests of drawers, or any other furniture or home décor that you want to have a rustic or southwestern style.

You can easily install clavos by drilling small pilot holes where you would like to put the clavos. Be sure that the wood surface you are using has already been stained or painted before you add decorative clavos.

With a variety of shapes and sizes,  you are sure to find the style that you need to create a rustic or southwest inspired project for your customers. You can choose from round, square, triangle, dome top, and pyramid shapes. You can also choose the size and if you would like the clavos to be hammered, smooth, flat, or have chink marks.


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