Description       2" Hammered Round Clavos

Part Number     BL200HR

Price:                   $2. 85 each

Description        1-1/4" Hammered Round Clavos

Part Number     BL125HR

Price:                   $2. 15 each

Description        1" Hammered Round Clavos

Part Number     BL100HR

Price:                   $1. 55 each

Description        1-1/2" Hammered Round Clavos

Part Number     BL150HR

Price:                   $2. 45 each

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Hammered Round Clavos

Clavos are the decorative nails commonly used throughout the Southwest to accentuate rustic wood furniture and doors. Wood furniture and doors should be stained or painted prior to adding decorative clavos.

Clavos are easily installed by pre-drilling small pilot holes where you would like to place the clavo. We offer a variety of clavos in different shapes and finishes.

Clavos add distinctive Southwestern flavor to your rustic wood furniture and doors.

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